New Garbage Services

Letter from City Manager, Gerald Dopson:

Dear solid waste residential and commercial customers,


                In an effort to continually control costs, the City of Macclenny has contracted with Advanced Disposal Services Stateline, LLC to collect all household solid waste within the City. This includes commercial customers as well as residential. This change will be effective February 1, 2013.  The City will be going to a once a week automated system. Although it may be a reduction in times serviced, if you are like myself having unlimited amount of receptacles, there has been a tendency to not maximize the use of the containers. I encourage the residents to be very efficient in placing your solid waste within the receptacle.  All solid waste must be inside the receptacle to be picked up. The City will continue to provide the yard debris pick up as before. We also encourage use of the solid waste collection site located at Griffin Court and the recycling bins located at Hartline Drive for items that may have a tendency to take up much needed space in your receptacles such as cardboard boxes. The following are some things that we ask you to please acknowledge in order to have a smooth transition in our solid waste program.


  1. All customers will be furnished an adequate receptacle by Advanced Disposal Services Stateline, LLC. The residential container will be furnished a 96 gallon container. This is included in part of your existing monthly fee at no additional cost. This is limited to one (1) container per household.  If an additional container is required, it will be billed at $5.93 per receptacle per month added to your bill.
  2. All containers will have sufficient information attached detailing the service schedule for collection.
  3. Existing or current receptacles that you now have will not be picked up. You are required to utilize the furnished receptacle.

We all realize when a new program is implemented, there always exists troubleshooting incidents. We hope to minimize those issues however, communication between the contractor and customer is essential. On the receptacle, you will be furnished a number to call if you are not being serviced efficiently and effectively. The City requests that you cooperate in calling the contractor initially. On issues not resolved, the City staff will be available to assist you. Ms. Janice Clark, Utility Supervisor 904-259-0962 or Mr. Mike Walker, Office Coordinator 904-259-0988 are available to assist.


Once again, we realize when implementing a new system, it involves a learning process. We encourage and seek your cooperation in making this program the best it can be.




Gerald Dopson

City Manager

Special Notes

In order to help with the city's transition to the new garbage service, we are asking all of our residential and commercial customers to help us in this process by observing the following:
  • Please make sure the new garbage receptacles/cans are placed no further than 3 foot from the street's curbside.
  • Please make sure that there is a minimum of 3 foot clearance completely around the new garbage receptacle/can.
  • Please make sure that the front of the receptacle/can (indicated by arrows on the can) is facing the street.  The wheels located at the base of the receptacle/can should face your home or office.
  • Please remember not to place receptacles/cans behind parked vehicles.  The garbage trucks have a remote hydraulic arm that reaches out towards the can, so there must be a clear path in front of the receptacles/cans.
  • Please do not place garbage bags outside and next to the receptacle/can, these bags will not be picked up and are the responsibilty of the customer.
  • Please make sure all trash has been placed inside garbage bags before being placed inside the receptacles/cans.
  • Please make sure receptacle lids remain fully closed at all times.
  • Please note that your scheduled day of garbage collection will be indicated/written on the can.
  • Please note that when your scheduled pick-up day falls on a holiday, your pick-up will generally occur the following day.